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mustbdreamin in memphis_c_art

Hi my names Amanda. I am originally from Rhode Island (my family's from the Boston area though) but I am currently a freshman at Adelphi University on Long Island, NY. I have decided I want to transfer to an art school. I am interested mostly in printmaking and photography. (btw, do they offer a industrial design program?) I was curious if anyone can give me some feedback on massart on a whole and possibly: the good and bad on its location in memphis, difficulty level as far as classes, how friendly people are, if there are things going on all the time, what the feel of the school is. also if anyone is a major in those three things i mentioned before or a transfer, please let me know if you would be willing to answer some questions or tell me how its been for you! All i know is that long islanders blow (at least most of the ones i've met here lol) and i could be up for some friendly southerners!
thanks so much!


hey. I'm Jina (the maintainer of this community) and also will be graduating next semester.

They do not have an industrial design program, unfortunatley.

I major in computer arts, so I don't know much about what goes on in the photography and printmaking areas - but I can say that it's a school that you have to be really organized to do well in. The reason I say that is that the school is very relaxed in their rules, their regulations, etc. You kind of have to push yourself to get what you want out of it. At least that's the way I feel.

The difficulty level depends on the class you take. I've had some classes that were a breeze - and others that were hard work. Sometimes you'll have late night hours of homework just to get things done.

The people are usually friendly - it's a close-knit community for the most part. There aren't as many activities as normal this year since we have a new student life director, but she's still getting into the swing of things.

I've definitely had ups and downs, but I believe any school will have that.
We do have printmaking and photography. We don't have industrial design. Printmaking and photography can be difficult, they require a lot of time in the studio. Because of the nature of those classes, you have to do the work at school, it's not like illustration where you can work at home. We have 24-hour nights on mondays and wednesdays, and we are open until midnight every other night. I spent a lot of nights/mornings in print and photo. If you wish to look up the professor's works, Aaron Rothman is the head of photo and Haley Morris-Cafiero (I might be spelling that wrong) is under him. I took the intro class with Haley and she is FANTASTIC. She is a technical background but is VERY conceptual at the same time, so she can cover all the bases. She is full of great ideas and she can always offer great input on your assignments. Maritza Davila is the head of the print department. She's a hard teacher, but she is quite charming. She likes to sing and dance a lot. She has braces and a cute Spanish accent. She also likes to concentrate on concept, but she's quite technical as well.

As far as our design art departments, we offer illustration (that's me, I'm the illustration rep. and soon vice-president fo the student alliance), graphic design (very strong, headed by David Chioffi, ex. art director of Polo Ralph Lauren), computer arts (fine art and design art), and photography (fine art and design art).

She student body is usually around 400. The student/teacher ratio is pretty good. This doesn't show in foundation/intro. classes, but once you get further into a program, your class may consist of 6 people. Memphis can be kindof boring depending on what you like to do. Classes vary in difficulty, but your chosen departments can be quite a challenge, in a good way. People are pretty clique-y, but I think we're generally nice (I know I am, but I can be an ass to people you know who you are, haw haw). We try to organize student activities and events. We do "pot lucks", but the school pretty much provides all of the food. We have a talent show every semester. We have a party at the end of every semester. We do a Halloween party as well (I am going to be a robot).

I think that's all I have to say, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment here, e-mail me at tasteslikejim@yahoo.com, or you can talk to me on AIM as JIM DUONG KILLS. I hope I gave you some of the answers you were looking for. You can always call the school up and ask for information or have all kinds of crap sent to you. I guess I am going to get back to my illustration work because I procrastinate a lot.

Jim Duong
thanks so much!!!

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