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kouotsu in memphis_c_art

nouveau pour chiots

Hello. I am registering for my first year this fall. Just out of curiosity, are there a lot of "liek omg cartoons aren't real art" teachers? It's an annoying but expected thing to deal with ):

I am coming to MCA along with two other "bois" from the Mississippi School of the Arts. That school blows don't let anybody you know go there. DAMN. Maybe a girl or two are also coming. Who cares!

I'm moving to Cordova from Horn Lake and I feel that I will probably be homicided. But it's pretty funny because a neighborhood close to mine is called "Morning Woods" and someone stole the S THAT IS PRETTY FUNNY.

So I like drawing cartoons and I try to make my cartoons not look like anime as best I can but the influence is obviously there which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing as long as my cartoons don't look exactly like everyone else's and I am aware that the anime style is quite jaded these days and I understand why but it's not like I can totally change my style although I am 18 and my style will probably change a lot throughout my education I am quite aware of this and do not wish to do japanimation when I grow up or anything silly like that I would instead like to draw any sorts of comics and probably just make cartoons in Flash on the side or something for a little extra cash or perhaps I will get out of cartoons entirely though it isn't very likely judging by my past experiences because fellow artists do commend me for my talent in drawing realism and I do feel I am of at least average ability in that division of art but I don't have a great passion for realism because I have liked cartoons since I was a kid and perhaps it is just a dream that will never happen but then again maybe it's a dream that will happen we'll just have to see in the future but for now I am quite unsatisfied with my cartooning abilities and am ready and willing to draw realism and stuff so I can put those teachings into my cartoons as well as advance my abilities in realism because I do feel it's very important whether you want to be a cartoonist or not so for the time being I am going to probably hide away my cartoons until I feel they are up to my own standards and then I can start a webcomic or something that will inevitably become extremely popular and I will make thousands off of it and it will be much better than that explodingdog comic I hate that comic anybody can draw stick figures with cheesy emo phrases beside them but kudos to him for doing it first and making tens of thousands of dollars off of it.

I hate working at Petco.


I come from an anime-influenced style, too. I've run into a few teachers who are like that, and some that are supportive. I've found it's best to just go with what the teachers want, especially early on, and the stuff you learn will really help your cartoon style. Don't hide it away though, keep practicing!
good luck w/your first semester!! :D
Yes, there are some teachers that are like that. The print making teacher, for one, never liked that. And it's not just teachers at the school that think that either. I met a lot of students that did that. That's kinda one reason (though very small reason) why I left MCA. They'll make you try different things, and try to sway you from the dark side, but don't give in! Continue to draw anime, cartoons, or whatever! The world needs them!

P.S. When you get there, look for a tall black guy with a lot of hair on his head. His name is Rob, and he'll be a great one to talk to when it comes to cartoons. ^^
Haha well I want to do different things. I need to learn anatomy and junk like that, and just get better at realism in general. Cartoons are caricatures of realism, after all. I also like design and photography every once in a while. And while I'm not too good at painting, I would like to get better at it.
Bwahaha. You think Cordova is a bad part of town.
I have no idea where it is D:
wow...rambling....no periods or paragraphs...just long lines of endless text... just kidding! Run-on sentences aside, it's good that you love anime, but try not to focus too much on that; you will miss out on alot of different styles of illustration that would have an positive influence on your work .
My style too was, and still is heavily influenced by anime, but when I allowed myself to look outside of that genre, it helped me to become a better overall illustrator. Even my ability to draw manga-style illustraions was improved.
I guess my point is don't pidgeon-hole yourself, keep an open mind, and have fun with your college experience. You can worry about making your thousands when the time comes.
Haha yeah that is what I planned to do from the start >: I WANT to get better at other things; I am not close minded "zomg aniem is all i ever want 2 do" or anything like that.

The run-on paragraph was on purpose! D:
By the way, my name is Derrick. I am a returning student(sophomore) and I am a illustration major. And I like penguins...
Penguins own the streetz of this city.

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