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berlinbelle in memphis_c_art


I notice no one has posted in here for ages, but...
I am applying to MCA for Fall 07 and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anytinhg about the college that isn't really in the viewbook? I won't be able to visit, so I just want to get a student perspective. I'm going to be a photography major. Mostly I want to know things about the social aspect of the school (how the student body gets along, is it easy to make friends, are people cliquish, is this a "party school") how the professors are, and how is the workload? Oh! and is there a cafeteria, the viewbook was kind of ambiguous? It said something about a cafe I think. If there is, are there a lot of (vegetarian) options? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance for any answers.


Photo dept. is purty good from what I can tell, but I've only had one class and not with the new Anne. Haley is wonderful, though! The body can be clique-ish, but I talked to nearly everyone when I was there (technically, I'm still there hahaha). You'll probably make a ton of friends, people have parties but I never went to a lot of them. The workload can be overwhelming, but it depends on what classes you are taking and how good you are at managing time. Either way, the workload is a lot.

There is a cafe, but the veg options kinda suck. There is always an option, but our cafe is really small. There are handful of veg friendly places to eat in the area, as well.

The school has a ton of events and opportunities for you to visit, plus you can set up a tour really easily. If possible, do stop by and visit.

February 2007

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