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Oct. 26th, 2005


(no subject)

Hi my names Amanda. I am originally from Rhode Island (my family's from the Boston area though) but I am currently a freshman at Adelphi University on Long Island, NY. I have decided I want to transfer to an art school. I am interested mostly in printmaking and photography. (btw, do they offer a industrial design program?) I was curious if anyone can give me some feedback on massart on a whole and possibly: the good and bad on its location in memphis, difficulty level as far as classes, how friendly people are, if there are things going on all the time, what the feel of the school is. also if anyone is a major in those three things i mentioned before or a transfer, please let me know if you would be willing to answer some questions or tell me how its been for you! All i know is that long islanders blow (at least most of the ones i've met here lol) and i could be up for some friendly southerners!
thanks so much!

Oct. 15th, 2005



(no subject)

Hay guys can you check MSA email off-campus?

This is vary improtent.

Oct. 4th, 2005


The essence is all gone.

MCA is to Jina
Skeksi is to Podling

Sep. 13th, 2005



Dear readers:

First Year Studio sure does suck, huh?


Aug. 28th, 2005



Upcoming Events

Friday, September 2nd

Pendulum playing @ Reflections in Nashville. 514 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN. $15 at the door. 18+

"Pendulum dropped their eagerly anticipated debut album 'Hold Your Colour' on Breakbeat Kaos in mid July. Featuring 13 bold and diverse tracks the album combines the trio's groundbreaking blend of heavy electronic funk, never-before-heard innovative sounds and 'real' drum 'n bass elements to produce a monster of a long player, destined to break down genres and smash up charts worldwide."


Saturday, September 17th

DJ Mark Farina on his Mushroom Jazz V.5 Tour. Playing @ Club Atlas, 150 Peabody Place, Memphis, TN. $10 presale on this website:, $20 at the door. 9PM-3AM.

I've already bought tickets for myself and some lucky person, that is whoever I decide to take!

"Making a name for himself mainly as a DJ, Mark Farina has had a large hand in the building of San Francisco's house music scene. Originally from Chicago, Farina is in the same generation of Chicago house music legends Derrick Carter and Cajmere. Mostly associated with the Mushroom Jazz series of releases, Farina is known for his down-tempo but dancefloor-friendly style of mixing jazz, house, and hip-hop."


Friday, September 23rd

Rob Swift of the X-ecutioners, also featuring High Society, and local drum n bass and hiphop artists. $10 @ the door. 10PM-5AM. Stop 345, 345 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN

More info:

2 areas of funk, house, breaks, drum n bass, and hip hop...

Unlimited Versatility Baby!


Rob Swift - Hip Hop
High Society - Drum N' Bass
Irie - House
Service - House
Sol Kontrol - Hip Hop
Samson - Breaks
Justin Sane - House

Area 2

Redeye Jedi - Hip Hop Funk
Russle K. (Kid Collage) - Hip Hop / Drum N' Bass
J. Camp (Hi-C) - Hip Hop / Drum N' Bass
DJ Flip w/ MC Marky Mark - Hip Hop
Tree - Breaks
Aaron B + Cozmo - Hip Hop / Drum N' Bass / Funk

Price is only ($10 for 21 and up) and ($15 for under 21)
Please bring your ID.

Time: 10PM - 5AM

Location: Stop 345
345 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN

Directions: www.stop345.com


Friday, September 30th - October 2nd

Spectra Inertia 2005: An open-air psychedelic trance party.
Ozark Mountains, Arkansas. $25 per person, or $40 per car. 2 arenas. Genres include drum n bass, trance, idm, and sexy downtempo.


Saturday, October 8th - October 9th

Vortex Meridian, Mississippi. Indoors psychedelic Goa party. Directions TBA on http://www.isratrance.com


Saturday, October 15th

Simply Jeff and John Kelley at Club Atlas, 150 Peabody Place. 9PM-3AM. $20 @ the door, but there is supposed to be a $10 presale.. TBA.


Saturday, November 19th

Nigel Richards, DJ Liquid, and Tek Threat @ Club Atlas, 150 Peabody Pl. $20 @ door, supposed to be a $10 presale.. TBA.

Aug. 9th, 2005


Noveau, but not pour chiots. =(

Hello! I'm also a new student, starting this semester. My name is Jessica and most of you have probably seen me wandering around at some point with my husband Adam, or Michael Chewning and Jason Bolton.

I'm (maybe?) going to major in Illustration. Or I just might change my mind next semester. Hehe. See you all in a couple of weeks.

Aug. 8th, 2005



nouveau pour chiots

Hello. I am registering for my first year this fall. Just out of curiosity, are there a lot of "liek omg cartoons aren't real art" teachers? It's an annoying but expected thing to deal with ):

I am coming to MCA along with two other "bois" from the Mississippi School of the Arts. That school blows don't let anybody you know go there. DAMN. Maybe a girl or two are also coming. Who cares!

I'm moving to Cordova from Horn Lake and I feel that I will probably be homicided. But it's pretty funny because a neighborhood close to mine is called "Morning Woods" and someone stole the S THAT IS PRETTY FUNNY.

So I like drawing cartoons and I try to make my cartoons not look like anime as best I can but the influence is obviously there which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing as long as my cartoons don't look exactly like everyone else's and I am aware that the anime style is quite jaded these days and I understand why but it's not like I can totally change my style although I am 18 and my style will probably change a lot throughout my education I am quite aware of this and do not wish to do japanimation when I grow up or anything silly like that I would instead like to draw any sorts of comics and probably just make cartoons in Flash on the side or something for a little extra cash or perhaps I will get out of cartoons entirely though it isn't very likely judging by my past experiences because fellow artists do commend me for my talent in drawing realism and I do feel I am of at least average ability in that division of art but I don't have a great passion for realism because I have liked cartoons since I was a kid and perhaps it is just a dream that will never happen but then again maybe it's a dream that will happen we'll just have to see in the future but for now I am quite unsatisfied with my cartooning abilities and am ready and willing to draw realism and stuff so I can put those teachings into my cartoons as well as advance my abilities in realism because I do feel it's very important whether you want to be a cartoonist or not so for the time being I am going to probably hide away my cartoons until I feel they are up to my own standards and then I can start a webcomic or something that will inevitably become extremely popular and I will make thousands off of it and it will be much better than that explodingdog comic I hate that comic anybody can draw stick figures with cheesy emo phrases beside them but kudos to him for doing it first and making tens of thousands of dollars off of it.

I hate working at Petco.

Jun. 9th, 2005



New community for local photographers

memphoto - for photographers in the Memphis and West Tennessee area.

Jun. 7th, 2005


I promised myself I wouldn't be doing this... buuuut....

There's a high chance I'm not coming back to MCA for the next semester. I promised myself I wouldn't be those people that quit after the first year, but I realized that this school isn't worth it. It's not really a money issue. I can come back if I wanted easily, but then it was cause my parents to struggle throughout the year. They almost got kicked out of their home for not being able to pay rent, and I don't want that to happen again. Plus, I struggled through school. Not grade wise, no, but friend wise. People.. at MCA.. can be REAL ASSHOLES. And it was just like high school all over again. It's not worth it! If I'm not happy, my art will not be as good as it should be... My grades will not be as good as they should be.. I was not happy at MCA. I'm moving to Wichita to be with my boyfriend. No, I'm not living with him. I'll be living with his parents, getting a job, working around the house, and other various stuff too. My plan was to go to a community college in Wichita for the first semester, getting my various english and my math course out of the way, then continue at Kansas State the spring semester, then getting my BFA with Illustration. (Funny thing is, you can go to Kansas State, take the same classes, get the same freakin' degree for only $13,000 CHEAPER for In-State residents, and $10,000 CHEAPER for Out-of-State.) Unfortunately, they consider you In-State if you had lived in Kansas for a year, got your license in Kansas, registered to vote in Kansas, ect, ect. So, I decided to go to community college for a year and get almost ALL of my academic classes out of the way (except Language; I'm going to wait until I get to K-State and take Japanese! Woo!) then take all the art courses at K-State. I already called K-State, and a woman in admissions said that all my credits would transfer. That there shouldn't be any problem in that! So, woo!

I know I'll miss some of you guys at MCA. Some of the teachers were really awesome.. ..some not. I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to take classes with certain teachers. But..still.. I rather just be.. in Kansas with the person I care for the most.. And I won't have to worry about being alone, someone taking my food, breaking my stuff, people stabbing me in the back, and other various forms of bull shit.

I figured.. I'm going to hurt someone no matter what choice I make..so.. instead of worrying about others, I'm going to be selfish and think about what's best for me.
Me (high contrast)


To My Photo People Out There...

figured i'd pimp a community i helped get started

come watch or join in the fun :)



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