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I notice no one has posted in here for ages, but...
I am applying to MCA for Fall 07 and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anytinhg about the college that isn't really in the viewbook? I won't be able to visit, so I just want to get a student perspective. I'm going to be a photography major. Mostly I want to know things about the social aspect of the school (how the student body gets along, is it easy to make friends, are people cliquish, is this a "party school") how the professors are, and how is the workload? Oh! and is there a cafeteria, the viewbook was kind of ambiguous? It said something about a cafe I think. If there is, are there a lot of (vegetarian) options? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance for any answers.



I took a class at memphis college of art last semester and know a lot of people who are going to school there right now. Memphis DOES have an art community, and it's bigger than you would think, although nowhere in comparison to a city like new york, but I think that makes it more personal. Midtown is a great part of the city to be in too, especially for the kind of offbeat art and music scene. There are a lot of great restaurants too. Although there is a lot of racial tension in Memphis, I would say that midtown is one of the areas with the least amount of tension, especially MCA where everyone is generally open-minded and accepting. That was one thing that I noticed right away that everyone was really friendly and sociable. The cafe at MCA is pretty good, and pretty well priced compared to most college cafaterias. As far as teachers go, it leans one way or the other. There are some really great teachers at MCA and then there are some who are generally apathetic about their jobs and the students, making a lot of the students apathetic about their work. Like any other school it has its ups and downs but I think its really up to you to make what you want out of your experience, wherever you go.

February 2007

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