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berlinbelle in memphis_c_art


I notice no one has posted in here for ages, but...
I am applying to MCA for Fall 07 and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anytinhg about the college that isn't really in the viewbook? I won't be able to visit, so I just want to get a student perspective. I'm going to be a photography major. Mostly I want to know things about the social aspect of the school (how the student body gets along, is it easy to make friends, are people cliquish, is this a "party school") how the professors are, and how is the workload? Oh! and is there a cafeteria, the viewbook was kind of ambiguous? It said something about a cafe I think. If there is, are there a lot of (vegetarian) options? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance for any answers.


the school is very cliq-ish. i didn't fit into any of the cliqs, there is no where for me. i am unusual in looks, music, beliefs.

if you want to work hard, take a David Chioffi design class. i never did but i knew tons of people who did and they worked all night-nights.

the cafe serves good food but not worth the price. i ate there once and that was my first day of class in august 2001 (i graduated in dec 2005).

the school is small in size but growing, around 400 kids go. you'll meet a lot of different people. and you'll be able to make friends quick.

the staff are nice and willing to help with anything. just ask.

the school does a lot: openings, movie nights, talent shows (i won my last semester), bowling night, skate night, laser tag night. etc.

its a good school. i don't regret my time there even though i am going to do something totally different from what i got my degree in but it is a very good school.

you'll love it!!!

February 2007

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