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Pagan Night Out and Coffee Talks

Hoping this isn't too far off topic, apologies if it is. I'm up here from New Orleans and hoping to attend Memphis College of Art during the next semester, finally getting stabalised in Memphis. Anyrate have been part of a group almost since I got up here and figured there might be some people here interested in this, especially if you're looking for something to do this Saturday. I'm still trying to meet more people as I don't know to many and most of my friends are scattered all over the country right now.

The Unity Pagan Fellowship (UPF) has open coffee talks every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Memphis Originals. Everyone is welcome, pagan, not pagan, just curious, just interested in the topic or want some intelligent people to chat with. There is generally a topic picked before hand but all are welcome. When I get the chance will start posting the topics to the website in advance (www.unitypaganfellowship.org)

Secondly wanted to let anyone who may be interested know about an event we sponsor the last Saturday of everymonth, again open to everyone although minors must be accompanied by an adult. It's the Pagan Night Out, different location/part of town every month. More info about it behind the cut for those who aren't interested.

Pool and Pilsners
... with Pagans?

General info about Pagan Night Outs :

Each month a different venue, different things to do.
Need a way to unwind with some like-minded folks?
Whether you’re Pagan, and wanting to hang out with others of similar spirituality, or simply curious.
Everyone with an open mind welcome.

Evening of the last Saturday of each month.
Check the website for time and details. www.unitypaganfellowship.org/pno/

Presented by the UPF.

Pagan Night Out for February
Saturday, February 28th

We will be meeting inside the Paradiso Movie Theatre at 6:00 PM Pagan Standard Time (+/- 15 minutes), look for the Pagan Pride Day t-shirts to spot us easily!

Tennative plans are to meet up and chat, maybe have a few drinks and something to eat before going to see Hoodwinked for the 6:50 showing (not PSD unfortunatley),

before or after the movie we will as a group decide what we wish to do after the movie, the area offers a good number of choices.

So leave your stress, frustration, and anything else that's got you down at home (or bring it with and we'll help to distract you from it at least), and come have a nice night of socializing wether you are a Pagan or not, just bring an open mind and come have a good time!

If you have any questions or are not sure on where we are feel free to contact us at the phone numbers listed on the website. Also if you are there the night of the movie and feel more comfortable calling to see where we are exactly.

Thanks! Hope this isn't bothering anyone, the reason I put the bulk of it behind the cut.
Take care,


There is a fellowship of pagans? Kinda weird :O
well pagans come in all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and varieties, as well as those people who are just 'earth centric' with their feelings and not necessarily pagan, so we decided it was good to have a group that would include everyone and help educate others as well, so not all that weird :D

just an idea

more than welcome to come and meet/chat/hang out with us, perfectly harmless I promise and love diversity. Everyone keeps an open mind on matters and doesn't berate anyone elses opinions. Have several Christians even, as we are completely interfaith, and even looking at working with First Congo and some of the members are looking into volunteering there and elsewhere in the community. So if you'd like to see Hoodwinked and have meet some people, relax, and even have an intellectual conversation if you so choose (some people that helps them relax others it seems to work the opposite, for me it's a matter of mood) feel free :D The tickets at the Paradiso are 8$ I believe, hoping to see you there if you feel so inclined :D and no one would mind if you come, decide you feel uncomfortable and wish to leave I'm sure.
Best wishes,
Uh, why is it weird? (Especially coming from someone who loves anime...)
Well to my knowledge pagans include multiple religions. I've never heard of a fellowship of people who believe in a supreme being (Christians, Jews, Islam or whatever) so I thought it was weird for there to be a fellowship of Earth-worshippers etc. p.s. anime isn't relevant!
While I didn't make the anime comment, each pagan/heathen/etc religion is different, not all are even 'Earth-worshopping', but due to common prejudices we are drawn together for mutual support. I'm sure you're familiar with when the previous pope would meet with Jewish, Budhist, and several other religious leaders.

Basically, religions that historically would have nothing to do with each other see past our differences and work together for not only the common goals and good of ourselves but for the common good and goals of everyone, ie. volunteering at Food not Bombs, the Shelby Count Parks Commission to work on cleaning up and repairing the parks, etc.
heya. this is the moderator -- this kind of post is okay, because it may be of interest to someone else who goes to MCA. :)
thanks :) makes me feel relieved now :)

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