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art history and liberal studies

I just got off the phone with that silly broad of a new registrar. She pretty much RUINED my morning by telling me that since I don't intend to minor in art history, I can't take two of the three art history classes I registered for. Cos that will give me too many art history classes. They USED to just count them as liberal studies classes, but they don't do that anymore for some ungodly reason. The only liberal studies classes that I would be able to take are Forms of Fiction, Southern Literature, and Cultural Anthropology (which is probably full). I've already taken every other liberal studies class - yet I still need four liberal studies credits.

Does anybody else think it is really fucking ridiculous that they won't give you liberal studies credits for art history courses anymore? THEY COULD HAVE AT LEAST SENT OUT A MEMO ON IT.


dude let's go jump her

yeah, that does blow

lol well, she actually helped me get back in mca
so I dont have much of a problem with her yet.
YES. My schedule was screwed up for THIS semester because they wouldn't count art history as liberal study anymore. The year before I had specifically asked that question to the old registrar and was told I could, so I went for another art history for a liberal study (since I'd already done my minor in it) - then got a call like 3 weeks later saying I couldn't do that.
It really, really pissed me off... does anyone else think it's silly you can't major in art history??
it does suck. I had a crappy lot to choose from, because I've run out of Art History courses. It should count. ugh.

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